Stromberg Carlson stripping

Stromberg Carlson 662
 Some time ago I posted information about an old radio I am trying to restore. It is a Stromberg Carlson console model 662. Well, it's a long and involved process; more than I thought.

From the photo on the left, you might think, that looks just fine as it stands. Photos can be deceiving. First, the finish has faded and the darkened stripes on either side are further accentuated by the sun-faded finish. Next, look at the grill cloth. It is very faded and one side of the cloth is stained. Closer inspection will reveal decals that have peeled off and trim work that is scuffed and chipped. Bottom line, it needs to be renewed.

Top of one side being stripped
Between what you see in the first photo and the second is the process of extensive gluing of the veneer and the frame of the radio. All is solid now.

The second photo shows part of the stripping process. At this point it involves using a lacquer thinner and a plastic scraper to take it down to the wood with a little 120 sanding to follow. There are some stubborn sections that may need a stronger stripper but I will cross that bridge when it comes. When all is said and done it should look like new. Whether I will get the internals to work is a decision I have to make once the cabinet is finsihed.

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