This particular lens is proving hard to get. I have had an order in to one of my favorite online retailers, a company that said to be the biggest supplier of Zuiko lenses for Olympus Cameras in Canada and I still have not received it.

A search of other retailers online results in the same story, unavailable or back-ordered. In my years of purchasing lenses online I have never had to wait this long.

Is it a good lens...yes!. Is it a great lens...maybe! It is probably one of the best lenses that Olympus has in its already complete line of lenses for M43 cameras. I am prepared to wait a week more and we'll see what happens. The photography forum groups suggest that I go to an Ebay supplier which I am reluctant to do, trusting the major retailers instead.The photo includes the lens hood which I have also ordered along with a clear glass "filter".

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