Well, the new lens arrived yesterday after a month delay. The Olympus Zuiko 45mm, 1.8 is small, light but seems to be well made. In an earlier post I mentioned that it took a long time for it to come, delayed by production or supply I suspect.

It seems lenses are made in batches and there is a gap in availability when a production run is sold out. That has been the Olympus practice for years leading to inconsistent supply and I suspect other companies do the same thing to keep demand high and costs down.. Why risk everything when you make too many lenses that people might not want. In the case of this lens the demand is high because it is one of the best lenses that Olympus has produced for the Micro four-thirds standard.

Here are some shots taken wide open to show some very nice bokeh effects, especially the last one where the flowers seem to stand out in a mesmerizing 3D way.

I am going to have a lot of fun with this lens over the summer.

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