Why buy a Subaru Outback

2013 Subaru Outback
Why buy a Subaru? Well, if you are someone who needs the space and the versatility and have an active lifestyle a Subaru certainly fits the bill as a go-anywhere, fun vehicle. It is both practical and comfortable and holds just about anything you would want to carry, yet you can still do it in style.

This is our 5th Subaru and out 3rd Outback. Our second car is even a Subaru. We like them because they are dependable and where we live we cannot afford being stuck when the weather is poor.

It allows us to travel in inclement weather because, like all Subarus,  it is full-time all wheel drive and it is very capable of navigating the very worst weather that our neck of the woods can offer. Not the most powerful car there is, far from it. The engine is capable but not a tire burner, but it is absolutely everything we need or want in a car.
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Subaru Outback Interior

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