Photo Shoot in Annapolis Valley

My wife and I spent a day with our photography club traveling the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. I was a beautiful fall day, sunny but a little on the chilly side. The light was excellent for photography with just a hint of cloud in the sky. I took a number of photos but my three favorites of the day were these.

The first  two are from the Look-off near Wolfville. You are actually quite high up and it is an absolutely  spectacular view of the top of the valley.
The next is from Baxter's Harbour. From there you can clearly see Cape Split, a favorite for hikers. I could not tell what kind of birds these were but they were oblivious to our presence. All in all an excellent day.

The last stop was Luckett's Winery in Gaspereau Valley. The cask building is somewhat nondescript but out in the middle of one of the orchards was a working English phone box.All in all an excellent day.

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