Cuba Trip in the Cards

We've been to Cuba several times but not since 2009. No doubt things have not changed much. We have been all over Cuba having seen the many historical sites. Cuba is rich with history as anyone who has ever visited will agree.

This time we plan to stay in HolguĂ­n province, in a little place called Guardalavaca. I know we will not be disappointed since the resort where we are staying is highly regarded. We always look forward to our vacation in the sun because as most Canadians know it can get damn cold up here.

Here are a few shots from our 2009 trip to Trinidad, Cuba. It was a long and bumpy bus trip to this world heritage site but the sights and scenery were worth the trip. I remember passing over the hills where Che Guevara hid out during the revolutionary war and trying to envision just what it was like in the 1950s when Cuba was on the verge of forming a new nation and the struggles of surviving in the wilderness with limited weapons but the will to be victorious.

Cuba does an excellent job preserving its history despite limited resources. We are looking forward to our trip to Cuba in the new year.

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