Things I like about the EPL-5

I have been experimenting with my 45mm 1.8 on my newly acquired Olympus EPL-5 pictured above and each shot I take with the EPL-5 continues to impress.

The shot of the toy truck is taken with the 45mm wide open at 1.8 so that I could see the quality of the bokeh. I think it is pretty good and at that distance the depth of field is quite shallow and the quality of the blur is quite acceptable, I think.

I like this camera a lot. I like the fact that it has the same sensor and IQ as the OMD. I like the articulating LCD display and the touch screen which I did not think I would use. But I am most impressed with low light ability. On my EPL-2 any low light situation was a challenge and with no focus assist light the lens hunted desperately trying to find some contrast which made for some very frustrating shooting.

I like the size, smaller than my EPL-2 and the robust metal body construction. I also like that my VF2 looks good on the new camera and for now it is staying on. I finally got the Super Control Panel to work after much fiddling and now that it is functional I find it indispensable in my day-today shooting. More art filters is always a bonus. The Dramatic Filter is my favorite.

The list of negatives is pretty small but as with the EPL-2, I still accidentally hit the video button when I try to shoot something. I suppose I could dedicate the video button to something else but for now I will learn to adjust. And the menu is too frustrating. Please Olympus make it more user-friendly.

In the months to come I will have a number of opportunities to try out the EPL-5 and will continue to post my work.

One small note. The camera shot above is not my camera but a photo I found on the web.  The chrome cap for the shutter button is missing. Must be a preproduction camera.

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