Audi will be on the road soon

Audi Coupe GT

Original paint
Audi Coupe Surinam Red

Looks fast standing still
This March my beloved Audi turned 31 years old. Ain't she a beaut! Built in West Germany in March of 1982 we bought it in Calgary in the late summer of 1982. We drove her everywhere in the early years when we lived out west. In fact there is 180,000 klms on the odometer.

An upholstery job is sadly needed but I have two brand new panels
Since arriving in Nova Scotia in 1987 there might be 10,000 klms total since then. Well, she won't pass safety. Too many things wrong. It starts up okay and runs fairly well but its the suspension and brakes that need attention. On May 10th it goes into the garage but not just any garage. It is going to a private mechanic who does work on old cars such as this. I am willing to let him have it for a few weeks and hopefully at the end of the period it will be running like it used to.

There is nothing like an Audi on the road!

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