OK you vinyl buffs

Thorens Turntable with Audio Technica cartridge
Vinyl is making a comeback in a big way. I dug out my turntable the other day and discovered that if I wanted to replace it with a brand new unit the cost would be $700 to $800CDN. Why you might ask? The cartridge is an Audio Technica TK7SU which uses a TKN-3 stylus. I did a little checking on the internet and to buy a TKN-3 stylus would cost somewhere more than $300. A replacement stylus is $99 and that is for elliptical stylus only and not the original Shibata (the TKN-3). My TKN-3 has a bent stylus shaft - don't ask me why - and does not track as well as it should.

The turntable is a Thorens TD 165C and a very well regarded then and now and now it is  35+ years old. EBay prices are anywhere from $150 to $350, with higher prices that include the dustcover ( $100 item if bought separately). A new Thorens is simply out of my league.

Here is a shot of the turntable playing a vinyl record.

Anyway, I am listening to the Doors at this moment and there is nothing like "Riders on the Storm in glorious" vinyl!

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