Vinyl is back in a big way!

Thorens TD165C with AT TK7SU cartridge installed

Vinyl is back. In the last few weeks I have been hauling my records up from the basement and thinking that after all these years it is worth playing them again.

My turntable, a Thorens TD165C is Swiss made and from what I can see on EBay it is now worth more than I originally paid for it as these models and the one up from it, the TD160, are in great demand. Why, the motors never wear out, the belt drive maintains a constant speed and the original tonearms were decent quality for their time and compare well today.

Thorens TD165C belt driven turntable
On May 4th I am heading to the Halifax Record Fair (Halifax, Nova Scotia) where I hope to pick up some "new" records and to buy some needed accessories for my turntable i.e. a record brush, a stylus balance gauge, a tonearm raiser among a others things. I will report on my findings at that time.

Vinyl is king!

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