Fighter Interceptor - The last Canadian Voodoo

It always amazes me that we have no qualms about slowly erasing our history. I was at a seminar in Cornwallis the last few days and parked on the former base is the last Canadian Armed Forces Voodoo ever flown, Voodoo 101006 which was flown into CFB Chatham in 1987 and then brought to Cornwallis for permanent ground display in front of the present museum. 

The Voodoo represents an illustrious period for the Canadian Air force as the Voodoo replaced the aging CF 100 Canuck. The CF-101 Voodoo was an all-weather interceptor aircraft and was said to perform its role admirably though its effective service life was limited. It is a shame to 101006 in its present condition having obviously been vandalized and neglected to the point where it would be very costly to bring her into any kind of presentable condition.

This is  a brief account of her  accounts of her last day. "It was a beautiful sunny morning when she departed, running afterburners and then later the familiar black exhaust trail as she headed out over Lake Nipissing and made a farewell pass over the base."

The CF-101 served as Canada's primary means of air defense throughout their service life from Quick Reaction Alert facilities at Canadian Airbases. The CF-101s were retired in the 1980s and replaced with CF-18 fighters.

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