Toronto on Victoria Day

CN Tower
 This past weekend we traveled to Toronto to attend a wedding. We were lucky enough to have perfect weather for the occasion and managed to do a little sightseeing. I have been in downtown Toronto a number of times so there was nothing new for me. However it always presents an opportunity to take photos and take photos I did.
New Condo near Lake Ontario
 This a new Condo and I think a very intriguing design. There are many such examples of condominium construction in Toronto and it is starling to see new dwellings pop up everywhere. I would imagine there are many buyers but one would assume that unabated construction will eventually lead to a glut on the market.
The peculiar at Young and Dundas
 I always love Dundas Square. There is the strange and the peculiar along with the interesting and Victoria Day weekend was no exception.
Street vendor near CN Tower
I noticed more street vendors than I have seen in the past. Perhaps Toronto is loosening up a little as it opens the door to the less well heeled entrepreneur.

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