Ridgway Clock photo essay

Upper section showing the bonnet
 We bought this clock last year and to date we have been very pleased with our acquisition. It is a used piece but in excellent condition and accurate to within one minute per week which is about the best you can expect from a modern tall case clock.
Base of the clock

We think the model is Hamilton Country and the build date is 1996, so there are quite a few years left on the clock mechanism which has an average life of about 25 years if run continuously. It is very quiet, in fact much quieter than I thought and the Westminster chimes are really not loud at all though you can switch them off if need be.

3 weights
 The photos belies just how good the condition of this clock is. There is not a mark on it. The only thing that betrays its age are the slightly tarnished brass fittings on the upper and lower section of the each of the 2 front columns.
 It is vitally important to use cotton gloves when adjusting the weights otherwise in time the brass weights would begin to show fingerprints as the moisture from the hands chemically react with the brass finish. The gloves are used to steady and guide the weights and chains as you pull on the chains to "wind" the clock.
Clock face
 There is a 29 1/2 day moon phase above the dial which is a bit tricky to adjust in the beginning but is handy for weather watching purposes. We don't really pay all that much attention to it but it is a nice conversation item nonetheless.

Cotton loves for adjusting weights
The weights are adjusted once per week (or 8 days) and if need be the time is synced as well. The gloves are about $2.00 at any hardware store.

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