Arthur Pequegnat Canadian Time wall clock

Canadian Time Clock by Arthur Pequegnat

The company name is on the bottom of the dial

Canadian Time lettering is in fine condition
Often these clocks lose their label over time. This one appears to be in good shape.
Just picked up my Arthur Pequegnat Canadian Time clock today, 8-day, time only, oak case, numbered dial. The clock originally came from the railway station in Pictou, Nova Scotia. The reason I know: the seller got it from there just before the station was decommissioned.

It appears to be original in every way. I thought that CT clocks had Roman Numeral dials but a little research into CT clocks reveal that they came with both numbered and Roman Numerals. The pendulum is quite heavy and the rod is made of oak.

The label is intact and in reasonably good condition. According to the label it was made in Kitchener, Ontario; that had to be after 1917 as the town was originally called Berlin and renamed during the Great War. Aside from very small cosmetic issues (screw holes in a couple of places and a missing door clasp, it is in very good condition. The clock has been running 1 hour as of this writing and is keeping a good beat. Louder than I thought, though.

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