Pequegnat Coincidence

Tatamagouche Rail Station Cafe

My clock - notice Arabic dial as opposed to Roman on the Tatamagouche clock
Exactly one day after buying my Arthur Pequegnat Canadian Time clock we go for a drive in the country and stop at a place in Tatamagouche Nova Scotia to have supper at a converted railway station. Lo and behold we walk into a cute little cafe in the old station and there, on the wall, is a Canadian Time clock, only this one is older than ours by, I would say, a good 10-15 years. Notable is the fact that it has a Roman Numeral dial whereas ours is Arabic.

Why you might ask. It is a Berlin and clearly made before 1917 whereas ours was probably manufactured around 1930 or so. The clue is the serif stylized numbers on the dial. Apparently the Pequegnat company made some changes over the years to modernize the clock, somewhat. For you history buffs, Kitchener was called Berlin and changed its name during the Great War. After all Germany was the "enemy".

Ours appears to be in much better condition though I would think a good cleaning would enhance the appearance of that clock.

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