Woodshed project

 This past summer we decided at our summer cottage in central Canada that we needed a new woodshed. The old one had been torn down a number of years ago but we need one now as a result of the installation of a brand new wood stove.

Storing wood outside is not ideal as anyone with experience with a wood stove will tell you. It never really dries properly unless you cover it or store it out of the elements.

I decided to go real simple and functional. I wanted a woodshed but I also wanted a place to store a ladder, yard tools and our portable generator.

I decided that patio blocks were sufficient and I build a box frame out of 2 X 8's over the blocks. In retrospect I could have screwed the boards down instead of nailing them but it is strong enough and should last a long time. I bolted (using lag bolts) pressure treated 4 X 4 posts to the box frame which slip into the patio blocks.

The posts also support the roof structure and I used a simple shed roof design. You can see the roof supports in the second photo. I am not the greatest carpenter in the world but I think what I designed and built should last a while.

Here is the completed structure. The only change I might make is a brim roof in the front to keep a little more rain out. As soon as I figure that out I'll build it next summer. Will I stain it? I don't know. I'll wait to see how the slats weather.

On a final note. There happened to be three small pines in front of the woodshed that I decided to leave there. They add an interesting element to the structure.

Olympus EPL-5 with Zuiko 14-42 .

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