Bar none

 Every picture has a story. This was once a bar in a little way point called Charteris which is about 10 minutes north of Shawville Quebec.

I have driven by it a hundred times and always thought, what is a little bar doing in the middle of nowhere. It seems it has a story.

We stopped by to pick up some pumpkins across the street and the old guy we bought them from just had to tell the story of this little bar.

It seems that this guy owned the bar and he had a pretty sketchy background. He provided young women for the locals around the area and I imagine most of the customers were "transient" types.

In fact he had a couple of small huts back of the bar which served as areas for the customers to engage in a little fun. Well, he was clearly doing something illegal.

The locals, the folks whose ethics did not include prostitution and gambling, decided to run this fellow out of town. They did so by felling some trees on the roof of the bar, late at night, thus scaring the owner out of town, never to be seen again.

The bar now sits abandoned. The locals would like to tear it down but it is now wrapped in legal wrangling. Ah, the power of honest people who just want to make a community safe for all.

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