Dugena Mantle Clock

Dugena Mantle Clock with Arabic numerals
 This Dugena mantle clock is my newest clock acquisition.It is an art-deco style (should that be capitalized) bim-bam clock, so named because it has 3 strike rods with hammers striking each one. One rod strikes one rod while the two others strike simultaneously immediately after the first strike resulting in a very pleasant strike.

Up until several weeks ago I didn't know anything about the brand save that it was made in Europe, A little research revealed that Dugena was a co-operative and simply a brand that was made to accommodate many German movements. There may even be a Hermle movement in this particular clock although I have to say that that would be a big guess. Hermle would be reasonably good quality but being a co-operative there might have been any movement from the period, which I am guessing would be the 50s.
Possibly a Hermle movement
 The clock is not perfect. There must be something wrong with the strike train because it will strike randomly and often for 40-50 times. I did notice when I first got it that the strike spring was wound very tight; it could be unloading its power causing it to strike as it does.

The case itself is in good condition. I did notice a significant build-up of grease and grime which I removed with Sunlight soap. Sunlight soap is a great de-greaser and it had no difficulty lifting the grime and revealing a nice shiny finish. The face is also in good shape and need just a little cleaning. The movement itself looks okay at first glance but I do not see any evidence that it was ever lubricated.

Otherwise the clock is a little fast but that can be easily adjusted. While it does not have a pendulum this one has a balance wheel which can be pushed either way to speed or slow down the clock.
An attractive face
I won't take it apart yet. I am waiting for my first clock repair book to arrive so that I can use this one to tinker on. I might just take it apart and use it as my test clock.

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