Crazy Winter Weather

December 25th

What a difference in the weather. The first photo was taken about 3 weeks ago  the second one this morning  Three weeks ago I thought, here we go...a long winter with tons of snow and the headaches involved with driving through the stuff.

January 18th
During the Christmas period we had our driveway plowed out no less than 6 times. It was beginning to look like one of those winters that will give us copious amounts of snow and indeed, we have had a few of them. Nova Scotians will always remember "White Juan" which literally paralyzed the province for 5 days in February 2004. This time the snow was piling up everywhere, the front walkway was impassable and shoveling snow off the rear deck was becoming increasingly difficult. Yes, it looked like a long winter.

But after New Years along comes very springlike weather with consecutive daytime temperatures in the low teens at times. Almost T-shirt weather though perhaps I am exaggerating a little.

Today there is a high of plus 5C, so, a little cooler but in the days to come the temperatures will start dropping to typical Nova Scotia winter levels - around -5C to -10C which is to be expected at this time of the year. It is too soon to tell whether this will be a freeze-thaw winter but I prefer this to the mounds of snow everywhere.

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