Winter Doldrums

 Winter is here. There is no doubt about it. The days are short and for many this is a tough time of the year. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder looms its ugly head as we tend to spend too much of our time indoors. Others call it "cabin fever". No matter how you slice it, it can be a difficult time for some folks.

My wife and I try to get out as much as possible during the winter months but there are days when the weather is poor and the driving is bad and there is little choice but to stay indoors. However, we have a large property and even on those not-so-nice days we can at least spend a little time on our beautiful property either buy walking about through the woods when the snow is not so deep or snowshoeing.

The first photo shows the back yard at a time of the year when there is a lot of snow which would be about now (January).

The second shows an old saw mill about 1/2 hours drive from our home in a stunning winter setting. On that day we did a little picture taking and had some hot cider at a place called Sugar Moon farm. A great day even if it was a little cold.

The last photo shows some snow coming off the metal roof of the main building. A unique effect to say the least. The moral of the story, get off your butt, get out and enjoy the winter weather.

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