Stromberg Carlson Radio Chassis Number 662

Dirty and grimy
 Of course there is a radio in the cabinet and this is what it looks like once taken out. Just 4 screws. The first photo shows it as it came out with close to 70 years of grease and grime.

Cleaned and polished
The second photo shows what it looks like once I cleaned it up. It was very simple, I used Q-tips and soapy water to take what I could off and a micro-fiber cloth to wipe it down afterwards. The tubes and shielding were cleaned and polished up a bit. Does the radio actually work?  I think so, but I have not powered it since I began plus the tuner cable is broken and when I thought I was tuning a station the variable capacitor (the tuner) did not move at all. I will give it another shot once I install it and we'll see what happens.

What I have learned is this. I thought that the model number for the radio console was 662. 662 actually refers to the radio chassis number. And like today, they put the same chassis in a number of radios. So, I really don't know what this model is called. the search continues.

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