Westinghouse console radio model 512

Westinghouse Model 512 console radio with Seth Thomas Adamantine clock on top

 I am not really sure that this radio, made in 1936 by Westinghouse Canada, is a model  512 but the radio chassis certainly is a 512. There is no doubt about that. What I have learned from other projects is that the radio chassis number does not always correspond to the model number as the chassis may have been used in a number of sets at the time.

Otherwise the radio you see is original, the knobs, grill cloth radio chassis are all original. There is an inlay at the top sides of the radio which appears to original. If I stripped the radio I would have a hard time replicating the design. Bottom line, leave it alone.

Trim piece with a few nicks
So, do I strip it down? The advice that I have been given by expert re-finishers is that I look at repairing or reconditioning only those sections that need a little TLC, not the whole radio cabinet. The trim needs some work, that is clear. I think if I focused on the trim alone the improvements will be dramatic.

The dial face, made of plastic has faded badly and needs to be reconditioned in some way. A replacement would be nice but I think I would have a difficult time finding one. One person suggested the same stuff that folks use to revitalize automotive headlights. We'll see.

I think it is worth spending some time on this radio. It is a good design and represents the period perfectly.
Grill cloth
Front dial plate and knobs

Back of radio showing the chassis
Faux inlay design
Top of radio showing some staining

Chassis 512 showing tube layout

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