WRX Returns After Crossing Canada TWICE

It's a 2011 WRX (World Rally Blue) and it has been places, all across Canada in fact and back; all on the same set of tires. Along the way our son made many stops across central Canada and spent a couple of days in the Ottawa area, paying respects to his aunt whose husband passed away this past Easter weekend.

He had Easter dinner with his uncle in eastern Ontario and headed out on his journey to Nova Scotia. Tonight he is staying in Quebec City and a place called the Fairmont Frontenac Hotel  that he says is comfortable and quite pleasant (it's probably a strip motel somewhere in or near Quebec City) and will continue on his journey to Nova Scotia. Quite the adventure for our son and the beginning of a new career in Halifax.

Needless to say the car preformed flawlessly. It's a Subaru of course and made for the long distance drive across Canada or anywhere else for that matter.

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