Portugal Part III

Belem Tower
 I have tons photos of our trip and thought I would posts some unusual ones. The first is one of several balconies at Belem Tower. The tower is interesting but the tour of the interior is a little underwhelming. I guess I was expecting more of a museum than simply a spartan interior. However, the admission was free because we had our Lisboa pass.
The mall area at night
 The main mall, called Amorerias Mall is actually quite nice and reminded me of many North American malls with the wide variety of shops. While there we had one of our meals at the Block House restaurant and it was surprisingly good.
 No, I didn't use this public urinal. I was not sure if it was functional or not but the prospect of being somewhat on display while urinating did not really appeal to me. Besides I did not see anyone else using it.
Getting a head in life
 Optical illusion? Getting a head in life. I looked at the man waiting for a bus and thought why is that head growing out of his back. Makes for a great photo.
The daily commute
We found the Portuguese to be very sombre people, with rarely a smile on their faces. This shot represents that certain demeanor. Reminds me of Thoreau's commentary on life, "the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation".

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