Time to get the Audi on the Road

Rear quarter view driver's side

Audi at cottage 2003
rear view of Audi Coupe
 After a long winter sleep its time to get the Audi on the road. I managed to start it at least monthly through the winter just to keep it lubricated and the battery charged. For a 34 year old car it is in pretty good shape. Needless to say it was kept in a garage away from the salt and snow.

2005 photo of Audi Coupe GT
On the list this year its to get it roadworthy, that is, safetied since much of the work to get it to that point has been done and to look into a new upholstery job for the front seats. The back seats are in okay shape having never really been used. I have the fabric which I ordered specially from Germany last year. A friend of mine knows somebody in New Glasgow that will do the job. Otherwise brakes were done last year and some tune up parts installed.

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