Taking a Break

 Thanks all to those who come here frequently. I hope you enjoy my little stories and my photos. I am taking a little break from the blog this summer as I have some other projects on the go.I may post once or twice when I have some time but keep I encourage you to keep coming back to read my many older posts.

I plan to do some construction work this summer and my mind will be on that project exclusively. The center photo shows a screened-in porch that I intend to extend outward towards the shoreline of our lake. According to the local inspector I can go up to 5 feet and that will be enough to give us a nice 20X10 section to enjoy from the roughly 20X6 feet that is it now. The plan is to make the space more usable by extending it outward and to enjoy it as a summer dining and gathering area and also to free up some space inside the cottage which is not all that big to begin with.
Screened-in porch
 Yes there will be tearing down, constructing, nailing, sawing, roofing, painting and so on. Some of it will be frustrating and challenging but hopefully it will be fun as well.
Paintbrush Macro

I will be documenting the project every step of the way so expect some before and after pictures sometime this summer or in the fall.

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