Wine Making is Fun - the Final Chapter

Cabernet Merlot
After six weeks is the bottling phase. At this point the wine is quite clear. We reuse our wine bottles but don't risk washing them ourselves but instead bring them to our local wine and beer supply shop to have them properly sanitized in a steam washer. That works well for us.

We bring the bottles home and bottle immediately. We have our own corker which we purchased in the spring and it works like a charm.

This particular Winexpert kit comes with attractive labels though the sleeves were purchased separately. The final product is a Cabernet Merlot with Washington grapes. This is a higher end wine kit that requires some additional water but as you can imagine after following my other postings there are a number of critical steps and shortcuts are not tolerated. An attractive label and a wine sleeve complete the process.

There was a little wine at the bottom of the carboy which we enjoyed for supper. However, clearly this wine will improve with age.

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