Pequegnat Clock - The Brandon

Now hanging in my home office
 Just got this Arthur Pequegnat Brandon clock this past week at an antique store in Great Village, Nova Scotia. We were in the same store not three weeks before and did not see this clock; it had just arrived. The owner, a dealer, put it up for sale but had intended to keep it. Nevertheless the price was a little high and I then asked for any discounts to which the propriator said, yes, 20% and so the price was reduced. I then asked the store what would happen if I did not ask for a discount and they said their policy is to sell at the sticker price. Bottom line, no discount if you don't ask. Something to keep in mind if you are shopping for antiques as many stores sell by consignment.

A well preserved label
This is the Brandon model. It is the second edition made after 1917 although I do not know the precise year. I know for a fact that it is not older than 1941 because that is when the company closed its doors in Kitchener Ontario. Some Brandons  have a regulator decal on the bottom door. This one does not. Some were time and strike, this is time only. Some had Roman numeral dials; this has Arabic.

Face is in very good condition
The case is in very good shape although it appears that it might have been reconditioned later in its life. The finish is glossy. I suspect that originally the finish was more of a satin. Just a guess. The face has very little wear. There are some marks around the keyhole which are winding key "misses". Otherwise a small scrape on the top door left side and some nicks on the main case to the right which are not visible till one looks side on. The label is in very good shape for the age. The back is also in good shape. The bob is a little tarnished but in very good shape nonetheless and seems to be original.

The clock is making a slight squeaking sound which I hope to fix by oiling. To do that the clock face has to come off. Why, these were wall cloaks and were made to be adjusted and oiled in situ. In their work and school locations the clock had to be running at all times and could not be taken down and left in a shop for days unless serious work had to be done. But these were simple mechanisms and therefore very reliable.

Clasp mechanism for top door
I am told that this is my "early Christmas present".

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