U M Muller German Wall Clock

U M Muller German clock
Detail on clock front

I bought this U M Muller clock recently. I was attracted by it's classic style and shape. I am not at all familiar with this clock company and would appreciate some information about the clock and its approximate age. I saw one other clock similar to mine when I did a search on NAWCC a forum site for clock collectors. Mine is chime (lovely sound) and time, a so-called two train clock. The oak case is in great shape with no obvious scratches or blemishes.

There is carved detail between the lower glass panels and the face. One side is slightly differently carved than the other. The only obvious problem is the area between the 6 and the 7 on the clock face which appears to have been rubbed through to the brass(?) either by friction or chemical process.

I am told that the pendulum is original yet it has an oak rod and the pendulum itself is a dull silver colour though I have some doubt. I have an update. The pendulum appears to be original.

Rubbed area on clock face

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