Anrique Clock - Arthur Pequegnat Canadian Time clock - cleaned and oiled

Canadian Time clock
Escarpment looks good
 I have had this clock for close to a year and a half and have never opened it up. Today is the day.

I decided to remount my Canadian Time clock and in the process oil and clean it. In the end the idea that I had for remounting did not work out. The clock is on a large picture hook and I wanted to hang it on a toggle bolt since it is on a hollow gypsum wall. The bolt I wanted to use combined with a few washers could not fit into the clock hanger plate so it is back to the drawing board. The clock is time only so the good thing is that there is no second or third train to vibrate the clock off the wall (potentially).

Clock Movement
Maker's stamp

Compared to the case the movement is very small but since it is time only that is no great surprise.

I looked at the clock and it appears that the bushings are okay and so I assume that the pivots are fine as well. There is no obvious play in the clock. My guess is that after it was last serviced it did not run much if at all. A little oil on the moving parts is all that is needed.
Movement in it's case
I did notice one peculiar thing. At some point in its life the movement has been repositioned in its case and actually mounted about 2 centimeters higher. Why, I do not know. Perhaps it was to accommodate a new (and longer) suspension spring.

A little maintenance and cleaning is always good for an old clock and it will prolong its life as well. I got a little overzealous in polishing the brass and got some on the clock face, not much but enough to take a little paint off the tin in an area that is not very noticeable. Brass and paint are not a good combination. Anyway, a lesson learned.

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