Linguini Made at Home

Pasta maker, small but strudy
 Now, this is something I don't write about. It is home cooking, but I have to say that we bought a pasta maker for Christmas and it is a lot of fun. It is a bit of work too. Kneading dough is great exercise by the way.

My wife makes a wonderful spaghetti sauce that draws a page from an Italian recipe. It is what they call a "reduced" sauce which means that you put the tomato paste in (okay, we use Heinz tomato juice!), all the ingredients and leave the lid off while gently boiling it for several hours. The result?  A thick rich, sauce and a delight to the palate.

Spaghetti sauce using a reducing method
Well, we thought, why not make our own pasta, to which we bought a pasta maker. I think they are all pretty much alike and pretty simple to operate by just plugging a winder into the side and putting the carefully kneaded dough thorough the various thickness rollers. Viola, pasta.

Pasta, it may not look like much from this shot but  it is good
The crazy thing is that it takes about a minute to cook and the taste, well you you have see  (and taste it) to believe it.

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