Mirrorless Camera, Panasonic Lumix G X Vario PZ 45-175mm f/4.0-5.6 ASPH in the Field - Sugar Moon Farm

Whatever the breed, these were large dogs

Sugar shack
I decided to go with one lens today, the Panasonic 45-175X zoom, which basically makes my ILC a super-zoom because the top switch on my Panasonic G6 powers the zoom. I like this feature a lot and the zoom does not disappoint.

I believe it is a good practice to go with one lens exclusivity so as to explore its limits and learn to use the lens properly.

Admittedly all of the shots in this post could easily have been taken with a shorter zoom but because it was cold and icy the zoom enabled me to get close to my shot without having to physically move nearer and risk hurting myself in the process.

Old International Harvester tractor
I believe this is the logo for International Harvester
We spent the afternoon at Sugar Moon Farm on Hwy 311 heading north from Truro towards the Tatamagouche area. The farm is beautiful in any season of the year and just as captivating on this cold January day. It was particularly busy today with folks stopping over to enjoy the all day breakfast. It took us a while to be served but it was worth it.

Iced up brook
Pretty ice formations
My wife and I just had coffee and a biscuit, all we really needed after our short hike thorough the many trails.

A brook captured in winter

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