Seth Thomas Round Top Mantel Clock

Seth Thomas Dome clock
I wrote about this clock a few months back and at that time it was only running for a couple of days. I was pretty happy with my purchase since I had picked it up at a junk / antique store just about a 1/2 hours drive from here.

It has, in fact been running wonderfully for several months now. It's a bit idiosyncratic in that despite being an 8-day clock it does not like being wound right down because the count wheel for the strike gets confused and strikes the hour on the half hour instead. Could be it needs some adjustment. Keeping it wound without it stopping has proven to work. It also ticks quite loudly but it is in our dining room and certainly not intrusive in that location. It has been oiled and seems to runs just fine.

The walnut case is in excellent condition and a good rubbing with Murphy's Soap has virtually restored the cabinet. I make it a point not to redo the clock finish if it has minor nicks and scratches. I have an assortment of touch-up stains and find the closest match to dab here and there if needed. 99% of the time it hides everything.

The clock is about 10" high and about 8 inches wide, a very small size that will accommodate just about any mantel. Right now I have it on the top of a 1947 Stromberg Carlson console radio and it looks great. I think these clocks were quite common at the time, the time being the 1920s or so.

I called this clock a beehive at the time though from it's shape it would be termed a dome rather than beehive style. I suppose you might even call it a beehive round top. I have seen one described as such on EBay. It does not say Seth Thomas on the dial face although it definitely has a Seth Thomas number 89 movement, again a very common movement found in dozens of styles then and years before and afterwards. In fact the Dial face says Henry Birks and Sons which is was a reputable higher end jewelry chain years ago. The company is now known as Maison Birks and continues the tradition of carrying quality jewelry.

I have a number of mantel clocks and they are all very nice but I much prefer walls clocks and have decided to focus my collection on that particular style. I have my eye on a Vienna Regulator which I hope to purchase in the spring. Anyway, tomorrow is "clock winding day".

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