Winter Weather - You can have it!

Buried car
 Well. its near the end of February and while we have only had about six  weeks of real honest to goodness winter I can speak for most Nova Scotians when I say.....we're sick of it! The dog is the only one in the family who seems to think it is fun. The car above is a spare and it can stay there till the spring. I'm not digging it out!

Mader has fun in the snow
The trouble with winter is not the amount of snow. I am sure that the weather scientists (meteorologist) will tell us that the snow amounts have been normal, perhaps a little above normal, maybe. The difference in the past month is that we have had very few thaw cycles. Deep freeze all the way. The result is that the snow we get simply accumulates, deeper and deeper it gets and there's not much you can do about it.

What the hell! Build an igloo.
Mind you, we have not been pummeled like PEI and New Brunswick. The poor saps are constantly digging out storm after storm and it has to be frustrating and costly.

Dressed for winter
So what to do when there are piles of snow. Build an igloo I guess. My daughter is home for a visit and has decided to build one. At his time it in process but her goal is to complete it within the next few days. And given the forecast it won't be melting any time soon. Perhaps we'll have a meal out there,  just like the Inuit did many years ago.

Our woods
I have to say all this snow is very pretty and we have dome a little snowshoeing on the cold sunny days so there are obviously things to do in the wintry weather. But spring...please come early!

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