30,000 Page Views

When I started this blog not too long ago I wondered how long I would be at this thing. In the beginning it was a little bit of an experiment as I learned how to manage a blog and decide on what I really wanted to say and to polish my message.

Abandoned structure just outside Cornwall Ontario
I decided that I did not want use a blog as a sounding board and have kept to that basic principle, avoiding comment and judgement on the world around me. Who needs more misery! What I really wanted to do was to talk about life in general, keep it simple and fun and make comments about what I have experienced in life and to document by way of my photographs what I have seen and done. I also thought this would be a wonderful way to profile my main hobby, that of photography and to combine it with other interests like travelling, clock collecting and spending time at my favorite place, the family cottage.

The Rideau Canal in Ottawa
So for the past three years it has been a mishmash of things and I really haven't focused on any one thing in particular but it has been a lot of fun and a significant learning experience.

Pictou Lighthouse
However, I am about to make one small change. I have decided to form a new WordPress blog, https://ronaldjoiner.wordpress.com/ which will focus on my interest in horology so you will see fewer clock stories on this blog.

Backyard photo of a flower
In it place I am going to focus more on my adventures in travelling and how I spend my free time since I will be shortly entering the golden age of retirement. So, more a fun thing with fun stories. You will see even more of my photos and more detailed descriptions of the sites and experiences as I travel the world or just comment about those things around me.

The East Block
For no particular reason I have attached a few favorite photos that I have taken over the years. As I reshape my blogging journey let me know how I am doing. Well, 30,000 page views and counting!

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