Daniel Dakota wall clock - Not bad but not the best

I am going to start by saying it is a Daniel Dakota wall clock with a Chinese movement that I got for free. It is a little different from the image above, but not much.

Movement just taken out of the clock. made in China
It is really not worth very much (sorry to those that have them). These things often go for around $40-50 on the for-sale sites. This clock is the first step on my path to learning. Yes, I had intended to take it apart and I was also prepared to rejoice if it worked when I put it back together and not be devastated if it doesn't. The time side did not work; there was no power and the spring was disconnected from the time gear as the photos show.

The movement is pretty dirty so it needs to be cleaned. Not this time though.  Just take it all apart and put it back together.

Disconnected spring from time gear
One plate taken off (sorry, a little blurry)
My work area
Bench testing
After taking it apart and spreading the parts out in a not-too-organized fashion I set about to "repair" the clock. I determined that the time spring was not actually broken but someone (not myself) attempted to wind the clock in the opposite direction thereby popping the spring from the barrel and gear. In fact there were marks of a wrench or pliers on the winding shaft. And, the shaft is a little bent. Wow!

Once I powered the spring down I clicked it back in place and rotated the barrel to properly engage the gear. It took me several tries to get the clock together having discovered in the process that a 2-train clock is not a good clock for my first dis-assembly and re-assembly.

However, I finally got it back together without bending any pivots and am now bench testing the clock. It has been running for about 6 hours. Everything is as tight as it should be. I also oiled it. I am not sure if I have the rack and snail working properly but I plan to take the clock apart again to properly clean it, after all it is all a learning experience and as I said, I got the clock for nothing.

Pretty pleased with myself. The next challenge? Trying to get my Dugena mantel clock to run.

UPDATE: the clock movement has been running for 7 days as of this date May 13th, is in beat and actually going through it's proper strikes on the hour and 1/2 hour. It looks like I put it together successfully. it will be taken apart again for a proper cleaning and servicing. According to those who have worked on "made in China" clocks, the movement, once repaired runs quite reliably afterwards.

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