Lobster Mac and Cheese - A unique Nova Scotia dish

Do you like Lobster? Do you like Mac and Cheese? Why not put them together in one scrumptious dish. Not such a strange combination at all, in fact; it is quite delicious. If you research the net you will find different variations on this unique recipe.

What really inspired us was the bar menu at Pictou Lodge located just outside the historic town of Pictou in Nova Scotia. It is pretty simple recipe, creamed cheese, macaroni and lobster but it is the spices that make all the difference. And it helps that whoever is cooking it knows a little about food preparation like my dear wife.

Putting it all together
For $11 at Pictou Lodge for instance, you can have what I would term a true Nova Scotia delicacy. For about the same price, yes lobster is pricey in central Canada, you can enjoy lobster mac and cheese in the comfort of your own home as we did.

A little stove time is necessary
The photos show us making this wonderful dish at our cottage in Quebec.

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