Who flew the coop - nobody it turns out!

Rhode Island Red
These chickens have it made in the shade. This is a chicken coop I happened upon this past summer. Now, fresh farm eggs are great but I realized when I saw this setup that nothing is free. Yes, those precious little eggs that are magically there each day are "free" or are they really?
The airing court
Coop construction

Ramp to the living area
This is quite the chicken coop. Not being a carpenter I cannot describe how it is made but I do know that it is a four-season abode for Rhode Island Reds complete with entrance ramp and outdoor "jail cell airing court".

Lots of room
But they don't really know that they are incarcerated, do they? They are that stupid! Or are they? The owner tells me that when he is home he free ranges the chickens on this property. Better tasting eggs he says. Won't they leave the property I say? No, they roam all around the property but at dusk they head right back to their coop as if by magic.

There is nothing like a farm fresh egg. I suppose it is all worth it but it is certainly not free!
entrance ramp

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