My other blog about clocks

Mauthe Horse Crown Wall Clock
Some time ago  I decided to focus my clock hobby on a separate blog which can be found here. I felt  that I needed to spend more time explaining why I collect clocks and I wanted to explain my journey towards the repair and restoration on my clocks, so, a dedicated blog was the best way.

For example, above is my latest acquisition, an 1895 Mauthe Wall clock that I picked up not 45 minutes from where I live. More about that clock and many others can be found at

You will continue to see postings on this blog but I will concentrate on my other varied interests. I will continue to post things that intrigue me and of course I will chronicle my travels around Canada and the world.

Thanks for stopping by and take the time to visit my other blog, If you have even a fleeting interest in antique clocks you will find it to be quite informative.

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