Cuban Vacation in December

Cuban National Flag
It was a good time to visit Cuba. We spent a glorious and sunny 11 days at a resort in Cayo Santa Maria. We felt that it was a good time to visit since we think it is the calm before the proverbial storm. By that I mean that once the Americans arrive after the thawing of relations between the two countries, Cuba will never be the same for us Canadians. Cuba is (or was) our refuge.

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The last time we were in Jamaica (2015) the resort we stayed at had a number of Americans. Many were quiet and simply enjoying their vacation but some were somewhat loud and obnoxious. I don't mind Americans in general but do some have to announce their presence (and superiority) by draping their flags over the balconies and wear American flag bathing trunks on the beach? No doubt the same will happen in Cuba and that is when we Canadians will likely find peace and serenity elsewhere.
Ernesto Che Guevara Memorial Site

Back to our vacation.

The beach was simply wonderful and the weather was a consistent 30+ degrees each day. Cayo Santa Maria has the best beach in Cuba in my opinion. You can walk the beach for kilometers and meet hardly a soul.

Not every day is spent at the resort however. We managed day trips to Remedios, Santa Clara, Sancti Spiritus and Trinidad (of Cuba). To us it is very important to understand the culture of any country we visit and Cuba is no exception. Indeed it's history of a struggling peoples is both intriguing and compelling. Above is the tomb of Ernesto Che Guevara who as most know was assassinated by the CIA in Bolivia in October of 1967. He is, to this day, considered as much of a  hero as Jose Marti.
Peasant dwelling
Los Helechos resort 
We spent an overnight in a hotel called Los Helechos atop a mountain near Trinidad. What a unique cultural experience. The next day we walked through the El Cubano Natural Park where we came upon a peasant dwelling. For a small fee we were permitted to go inside this quaint house and briefly experience what is must be like to live without electricity or running water. Not all Cubans live like this but in the countryside it is not uncommon to see homes without power.
Municipal Building in Sancti Spiritus
Trinidad side street near downtown
We had a great time. And despite my ranting above we will likely return for a seventh time.

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