Strom days are coming

Last night I thought today, the second Monday of December, would be what we call a "storm day". Storm days occur when the weather is terrible and essentially means that we will get a prodigious amount of the white stuff usually in the area of 20-25 centimeters. The driving is treacherous and some roads are virtually impassable.
Yep, there's car under there
 To give you an idea here is a storm we had last year. You can see that quite a bit of snow fell. The roads in the area were undriveable.

A storm day means a nice relaxing day at home and for many a paid day off. It also means shoveling the stuff. Although he roads are eventually plowed you still have to get your vehicles to the road and that means many hours of lifting and shoveling.
that's how deep is was
 The first two snow days in the snowy weather are exciting because you have an unexpected days off, but through the winter season they start to wear thin and it means whatever work at the office that has to be done just piles up..
Up to the windows
A snow day is fine unless the power goes out. Unless you have a backup generator or a wood stove the house can chill down in a hurry.Best to be prepared.
But it sure is pretty outside!

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