Saturday Afternoon Drive

What to do on a Saturday afternoon in the dead of winter. Well, if you are like us living in the northern climes you tend to get a little housebound or shack-happy as we call it. Because of winter storms we were basically shut in for the past two weekends so it was time to get out, go for a little drive and enjoy the scenery. Our first stop was Malagash where we picked up a supply of wine. Not that we are avid collectors but it is always good to have a choice on hand for Sunday meals and guests to the house.

The first shot, in sepia, is the storage barn at Jost Winery and to the left of it and in the distance is the wine store. We usually get out there at least once or twice through the winter. The roads were in great shape and the traffic was light.
The second shot is of the old railway station in Pugwash, Nova Scotia. Although the rail is long gone the station is preserved as a library. Now, it looks as though it is buried in the snow but fear not I used a snow bank to give that illusion. After a quick lunch break of Donairs we traveled to Amherst Nova Scotia to pay a small visit to family and then back to Truro through the beautiful Wentworth Valley.


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