More Cuba Photos

I took so many photos on my Cuba trip that I thought I would share more of them.

The first is a photo of a public school in a village not far from Guardalavaca. It might even be called Ricardo Village, not really sure.

There are probably 30 students attending this school and it was hard to tell who are the teachers and who are the "helpers". School is mandatory up to age 14.

The next is a photo is of the interior of the farmer's car, the exterior of which I had shown in a previous post. There is probably an added dial which is a little hard to see. The car runs well but based solely on the resourcefulness of the farmer. Probably not many parts are original as is typical of the Cuban family car handed down from generation to generation within the same family.
This is a typical farmhouse. It would normally have a compostable toilet and might have a water pump indoors which is considered a luxury. Most homes particularly in small villages might have a central community water source. A typical home would have cinder block walls, a tin roof and quite small.

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