Beer making

 I have been brewing beer for about 1 1/2 years and have been playing it relatively safe, not wavering much from the kit recipe. Cooper's Real Ale is probably the best kit beer I have tasted in a long time and it was my first batch but again I stuck to the recipe. Very smooth, no bitterness or aftertaste whatsoever.

The first photo is of an air trap for beer or wine making

Today I bottled Cooper's IPA and while I have enjoyed the IPA I have not found it "hoppy" enough. True IPA is very hoppy and if you want to know what a true IPA tastes like avoid the big brewery stylized beer made for the masses and stick to the smaller craft breweries who tend to do it right.

I decided to do a little research on dry-hopping and discovered that if I wanted a more hoppy beer I could do one of two things, boil the hops into the wort at the beginning or adds hops to the secondary. I decided on the latter and bought a small pouch of pelleted Cascade hops and added them to the secondary 4 days before bottling. My initial thoughts during bottling was that there is a definite hoppiness to the beer but only time will tell once the beer ages in about3 weeks.

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