EP5 is not for me

A few months ago I purchased an EPL-5 which has the same sensor as the OMD. Now the sensor in the EP5 which was just introduced this week is the same sensor in the other two cameras I mentioned. Will I buy it - no! It has plenty of enticing new technology, such as focus peaking, two wheel controllers, Wifi, solid build and so on but things I really don't need at this point.

I have always thought it wise to wait a generation or two before plunging into a new camera purchase. I had the EPL-2 for a couple of years having skipped the EPL-3. My newly acquired EPL-5 is leaps ahead of both those cameras. I am going to see what the new OMD-E6(??) offers  and if it offers phase detection I think I might be tempted to buy it. Anyway I just ordered an external stereo mic today for the EPL-5 which really interests me because I want to expand my experimentation with video.

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