Pumpkin Time

A herd of pumpkins
 We were driving along the highway from a shopping trip in the Quebec countryside when we came across a sign that said "Free Pumpkins". Naturally we thought it was a come-on but our curiosity got the better of us and we stopped to inquire. Sure enough they were free. Now, they are missing the top. Not a big deal for us but they are not commercially attractive without the stem.

No worries, we were not greedy so we asked for two. We took them back to the cottage and decided to use them as props for our Thanksgiving turkey dinner (with wine and all the trimmings I might add - so, thanks Jim).

Happy Face
I carved the one you see in the middle photo. I am not the most creative person in the world but I thought - simple is best, and put the knife to the pumpkin. The bottom photo shows it lit up.I was in a happy space - the face of the pumpkin reflected that mood. I hope you enjoy. Comment if you like.
Half lit like all of us that evening

Olympus EPL-5 with 14-42mm lens

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