Stromberg Carlson - light walnut application

Staining continues on the side panels
The sides and top have been stained
 Here you can see the results of the application of the lighter walnut stain to the veneered sections. I was afraid that there would be too much of a contrast between the darker trim and the lighter veneer when the stain was applied but that doesn't seem to be the case. However, I think I will stay with just one coat of the light walnut. I don't want it too dark.

It seems to me that the original finish had badly faded over the years. The radio had been sitting in a sunny window for a number of years and I did not realize UV light could do so much damage to a finish. Lesson learned.

My guess is that what I am doing now is probably closer to its original finish. It is beginning to look great. A little more staining, a steel-wool treatment and then for the satin clear lacquer final finish.

The radio still has to be mounted,I am ordering a set of decals and grill cloth and that should be it.

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