Lisbon Portugal Part II

From Sao Jorge Castle
 There are plenty of must-sees in Lisbon during the week we spent in that fine city. We managed to see quite a lot and I am pretty certain that we hit all the main touristy spots.

We even managed to sample the food and thanks to we were able to find a few out of the way restaurants that we were glad we discovered.
Sao Jorge Castle
 I all, I took 2300 photos thanks to my recently acquired Panasonic G6 and older 14-45 lens. The camera was a joy to use, very light to carry and quite usable on the fly. I took three lens with me, my 45mm, my 40-150 and of course my 14-45. I ended up using the kit lens the most as the other two lens are not stabilized. My biggest challenge was selecting the right ISO setting for the interior shots, many of which are ISO 3200 and ISO 6400, though I tried to stay away from the much higher ISO settings. In the churches and museums you simply cannot use a flash. I shoot aperture priority and I like having some control over what I am shooting. I am pleased to say that there were very few dud shots. I did not take as many videos shots as I could or should have but the few that I took were of very high quality.
Sao Roque church
 Seen here are shots of Sao Jorge Castle, Sao Roque Church and St Jeronimos Monastery.

Personally the jewel of them all was Sao Roque church. The interior was absolutely stunning. I have just one shot here of the six chapels, each one as awe inspiring as the next. Next to Sao Roque church is a fine ecclesiastical museum which is a gem in itself. It depicts the political and cultural significance of the catholic church during the 12th through to the 19th century.
Jeronimos Monastery
 The Monastery is a solemn place with few artifacts but evokes a time when the church was at its most influential.
Jeronimos Monastery courtyard
I will post some shots of Fatima, our most memorable side trip, in the next day or so.

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