Golden Age of the Automobile

Pontiac Firebird
 Or so they say. There are many opinions on this but I would say that the golden age is today; cars are more sophisticated, stylish, safer  and engineered better than any other generation of the automobile. Only my opinion, of course.

I usually don't post so many photos on a single blog but thought I would today. I apologize to those of you with slower connections; all the photos are reduced in size from the originals, however.

It was a perfect day for a car show in our little town in Nova Scotia.The weather was around 21C and not a cloud in the sky. God knows we have had very few sunny days this spring so far and it was nice to have a good one for a change.

I have a personal bias towards European cars and sadly there were too few at this car show where the American muscle car truly dominated. However, I am not opposed to enjoying those cars as some were excellent examples of the so-called Golden Age of the Automobile.
Chevrolet from the Forties

Camaro RallySport
Years ago as a child I remember drawing pictures of cars like the Cadillac with it's huge fins and the bullet-like shape of the Thunderbird. There were several Cadillacs at this show and they were impressive as always but only one Thunderbird and it was not in great shape, hence no photo..

I think if I were to find an old car it would have to be something from the 1940s. The unique styling of those cars really appeals to me. Yes, they were death traps but having an antique car means that it is driven only on sunny days, never at night and of course, never in the rain or snow. And you really are much more careful with it.

I have no need or desire to buy and antique car at this time but I was looking for a booth that sold antique car insurance and I was surprised that I did not see it there but I am going to make inquiries in the next few days for my 1982 Audi Coupe which would be nice to show at one of these car shows in the future.

Anyway, enjoy the photos, feel free to correct me if the captions are wrong and I invite comments as always.
60's Cadillac

GMC pickup truck

20'2 Ford

Chevy SS

60's Mustang Mach I

It's a 350,Gotta be a GM

Looks Like a Jaguar, it's a Daimler


60's Corvette

Another 54' Ford?

Grand old Cadillac

34 Cheverolet

Crosley from the 50s

Mini 1000


1928 Ford, beautiful Brown Colour

Datsun 280Z

1960s Mustang

Could be a Probe or a Nissan 240, No Markings

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