Our Favorite Winery - Avondale Sky

Avondale Sky Winery
 Our favorite winery in Nova Scotia is Avondale Sky located in Avondale, Nova Scotia. Apply named? Well, yes, because it is located in Avondale NS and it fits quite nicely into the surrounding farm community.

Stopped at the entrance for a few shots
On Saturday Loraine, the owner, greeted us at the door and gave both of us a big hug and welcomed us into the store. We chatted about different things and I asked if the winery had received any awards to which she replied, "yes, look over here" pointing to the medal wins in the last two years. However, we were there for our quarterly pick-up as wine club members. The pick-up get-together was on the next day (Sunday) but we were unable to be there for the pairing and the meet-and-greet with other club members and decided to go on Saturday instead to pick up our wine allocation (4 bottles).

The main building and production section
Here are some shots of the winery store, the home of the owners and of us stopped by the entrance to take photos. It was a glorious fall day.

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